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Senior Executive and their Responsibilities

Sally Barnes

(Chief Executive)

Ms Barnes is the NCA’s Chief Executive and an ex-officio member of the Authority.

The Chief Executive has responsibility as agency head of the NCA under the Public Service Act 1999 and manages the affairs of the NCA, under the direction of the Authority.

The NCA’s Chief Executive may be given written directions by the Authority, which must be complied with unless they relate to the Chief Executive’s duties under the Public Service Act 1999. In practice, the Chief Executive works closely with the Authority in implementing their strategic directions, work and resourcing priorities.

Andrew Smith

(Chief Planner)

Mr Smith is the Chief Planner and leads the Planning and Design Branch, which is responsible for keeping the National Capital Plan under constant review, proposing its amendment when necessary or indicated. This work involves preparing planning policy (which forms the basis of amendments to the Plan), Master Plans and Development Control Plans; assessing works approval applications; and monitoring the quality of buildings and other developments once completed. The Branch also manages diplomatic land.

Lachlan Wood

(Chief Operating Officer)

Mr Wood leads the Operations Branch, which is responsible for the effective management and enhancement of the National Estate, as well as the NCA’s business systems and operations. This work involves providing safe, functional, accessible and attractive public spaces and infrastructure in the National Capital (including pay parking); developing and renewing assets that enhance the significance and amenity of the National Capital; facilitating appropriate recreational and commercial activities on National Land; protecting and advancing the Estate’s natural, heritage and cultural features; business system improvement; and human resource and financial management.