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To support the Authority and Chief Executive in meeting their legislative functions and obligations, the NCA has the following committees in place. Details of the roles and responsibilities of the NCA’s key committees are set out below:

Audit Committee

The Audit Committee provides independent advice and assurance to the Authority on the NCA’s risk, control and compliance framework and its external accountability responsibilities.

The NCA Audit Committee comprised three members in 2018-19. The Committee’s ongoing external Chair, Mr Geoff Knuckey, and external member, Mr Stephen Sheehan were supplemented by an Authority Member, Ms Chris Faulks, in August 2018, replacing an internal member – the NCA’s Director of Compliance and Governance. The NCA’s Chief Executive, Chief Financial Officer and representatives of the Australian National Audit Office regularly attend the Committee’s meetings as observers.

During 2018-19, the Audit Committee met four times to consider the NCA’s audit and assurance plan, the work program and audit reports on compliance and performance matters.

The Audit Committee also reviewed the preparation and finalisation of the NCA’s financial statements, and continued to monitor work on the NCA’s control framework including the fraud control plan and risk management framework.

ICT Sub-Committee

An Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Sub-Committee was established in late 2018-19. The Committee oversights the strategic planning, development and implementation of the NCA’s ICT modernisation program. A particular focus is to ensure the program of work is integrated and its benefits can be fully realised.

The Committee comprises Authority Member, Mr Glenn Keys, the NCA’s Chief Operating Officer, the Chief Operating Officer of Geoscience Australia, which recently completed an ICT modernisation program, and two NCA Directors.

Senior Executive

The Senior Executive comprises the Chief Executive, Chief Planner and Chief Operations Officer. The Senior Executive meets on a regular basis to assist in the strategic management of the NCA.

Senior Leadership Team

The Senior Leadership Team comprises the Chief Executive, Chief Planner, Chief Operations Officer and all NCA Directors. The Senior Leadership Team meets weekly to discuss current and emerging issues facing the NCA and individual teams.

Work Health and Safety Committee

The Work Health and Safety Committee is constituted in accordance with the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 (WHS Act). Membership includes management, health and safety representatives, and employee nominees from across the NCA. In 2018-19, the Committee was chaired by the NCA’s Chief Operations Officer.

In accordance with the WHS Act, the Work Health and Safety Committee meets regularly to facilitate discussion and co-operation regarding health and safety issues in the workplace between management, employees and other relevant parties who work in NCA premises or other relevant work sites.

Authority Consultative Committee

In accordance with the NCA Enterprise Agreement 2018-21, the NCA maintains an Authority Consultative Committee. This Committee provides a forum for management and employees to discuss relevant matters affecting the workplace.