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Planning Framework

The NBA has a comprehensive planning framework as depicted in Figure 3.3.

Current programs include:

  • National Supply and Funding
  • National Risk Assessment and Management
  • Immunoglobulin Governance
  • National Guidelines Development and Implementation
  • National Supply Efficiency and Wastage Reduction
  • Information Management and Technology
  • Blood Sector Knowledge Development
  • Research and Development
  • Corporate Governance and Management.

FIGURE 3.3 NBA Planning Framework Chart showing NBA planning framework including Legislative and Policy Environment, Objectives, Strategies, Programs, Operations.

Progress against the Business Plan is monitored and reviewed by the NBA Business Committee. A quarterly report on progress against key actions is also provided to the NBA Board and the ARC.

In 2019-20 the NBA delivered 61 per cent of activities against the planned outcomes. Table 3.1 demonstrates the overall trend in the NBA's delivery against the business plan over the past five years. Some activities have been delayed or deferred due to revision of timelines and changing priorities due to COVID-19 as agreed by the NBA Executive.

TABLE 3.1 NBA's performance in achieving business plan objectives, 2015-16 to 2019-20







Performance (%)






Key operational achievements for 2019-20 included the following:

  • the uninterrupted supply of blood and blood products to meet all clinical demand in accordance with the approved National Supply Plan and Budget (NSP&B)
  • closer management of blood supply issues and arrangements during bushfire emergency periods and as COVID-19 emerged
  • the implementation of the fourth cycle of the Output Based Funding Model (OBFM) Funding and Services Agreement with Lifeblood
  • efficiency review of Lifeblood completed
  • clotting factors tender process completed in May 2020
  • Round 4 research grants awarded and finalised, and Round 5 grants prepared for opening in 2020-21
  • contingency planning arrangements reviewed
  • BloodNet and BloodSTAR updates completed and successfully deployed in October 2019 and March 2020
  • the transition of NBA staff to home-based employment promptly and efficiently during COVID-19, and continuing effective delivery of critical functions while working remotely
  • worked with Lifeblood and CSL Behring as they rapidly commenced collecting and processing convalescent plasma from recovering COVID-19 patients to develop hyperimmunes and other potential therapies and treatments for COVID-19 in Australia and to support clinical trials.