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Financial Management


The functions of the NBA are outlined in the National Blood Authority Act 2003 and the National Blood Agreement. As a material statutory agency, the NBA has a range of corporate and compliance responsibilities under the National Blood Authority Act 2003, the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act 2013, and the Australian Public Service Act 1999, along with a responsibility to meet ministerial, parliamentary and financial reporting requirements.

Under the National Blood Agreement between the Commonwealth and all states and territories, 63 per cent of NBA funding is provided by the Commonwealth and the remaining 37 per cent is provided by the State and Territory governments. The funding covers both the national blood supply and the operations of the NBA.

For budgeting and accounting purposes, the NBA's financial transactions are classified as either departmental or administered revenues or expenses:

  • assets, liabilities, revenues and expenses controlled by the NBA for its operations are classified as departmental revenues and expenses
  • activities and expenses controlled or incurred by the NBA on behalf of governments, mainly for the procurement of the requested products and services, are classified as administered revenues and expenses.

Transactions in the National Blood Account are separated into departmental and administered components. All balances in the National Managed Fund (Blood and Blood Products) Special Account are administered funds.

The NBA's agency resource statement and total resources for outcome tables are given in Appendix 4. Table 4.1 summarises the NBA's high level funding and expenditure for 2019-20.

TABLE 4.1 Departmental and Administered funding and expenditure 2019-20: a summary

Funding ($M)

Expenditure ($M)

Departmental - NBA Operations



Administered - national blood
and blood product supply



Special accounts

The NBA operates through two special accounts, the National Blood Account and the National Managed Fund (NMF) Blood and Blood Products Special Account 2017.

Special accounts are held in the Consolidated Revenue Fund and are used for setting aside and recording amounts to be used for specified purposes. Funding received from the Australian government and the states and territories is held within the special accounts and expended as required.

Funding for the supply of blood and blood products and the operation of the NBA is included in the National Blood Account, established under section 40 of the National Blood Authority Act 2003.

The NMF Blood and Blood Products Special Account 2017 was established under section 78 of the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act 2013 to accumulate funds required to meet potential product liability claims against Lifeblood. Contributions to the account have been made by all governments and Lifeblood. In addition, interest is received on special account balances.