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Outcome and program structure

The 2019–20 Porfolio Budget Statements set out the National Archives’ outcome and program structure, as follows:


To promote the creation, management and preservation of authentic reliable and usable Commonwealth records and to facilitate Australians' access to the archival resources of the Commonwealth.


National Archives of Australia

The National Archives provides stewardship of the records of the Australia Government to provide access to the evidence and memory of our nation, connecting Australians with their identity, history and place in the world.

Delivery strategies

The program is delivered through three delivery strategies, responding to the opportunities provided by known and emerging technology to:

  • establish frameworks for best practice management of information by Australian Government agencies towards achievement of Digital Continuity 2020 (DC2020) Policy targets
  • secure and preserve Australian Government information and data of enduring national significance for the national archival collection
  • connect researchers and the community to the national archival collection and enhance understanding of the role of the National Archives.