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The images featured in this report illustrate the richness of the National Archvies’ photographic collection.
Cover image collage :

  • A street scene in Swanston Street during the Melbourne Olympic Games, 1956. NAA: A1200, L21799
  • Balloons over Canberra, 1988. NAA: A6135, K22/3/88/4
  • The Tasman Bridge over the Derwent River, 1968. NAA: B941, states/Tasmania/Hobart/bridges/3
  • The Sydney Opera House, 1970. NAA: A1500, K26008
  • A stockman droving cattle on the main north–south stock route leading to the railhead at Alice Springs, 1968. NAA: A1200, L17468
  • Mr and Mrs Mortensen holiday at the Great Barrier Reef, 1956. NAA: A1500, K1302
  • An engraved postage stamp featuring a black swan, 1880s–90s. NAA: A1200, L16710
  • The Australian Dance Theatre performs at the Adelaide Festival, 1976. NAA: A6135, K27/4/76/25