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Reporting approach

The PGPA Act sets out how corporate Commonwealth entities, such as the Authority, must report.

The MDBA manages its performance against a single outcome, and key deliverables and key performance indicators (KPIs) are measured against the five strategic goals in the Corporate Plan 2019–20.

The entity purpose (Outcome 1) in the 2019–20 Portfolio Budget Statements is:

Equitable and sustainable use of the Murray–Darling Basin by governments and the community including through development and implementation of a Basin Plan, operation of the River Murray system, shared natural resource management programs, research, information and advice

Source: MDBA Corporate Plan 2019-20 link

The five strategic goals in the Corporate Plan 2019–20 were:

  • Goal 1—Drive the successful implementation of the Basin Plan
  • Goal 2—Strengthen the culture of compliance in the Murray–Darling Basin
  • Goal 3—Efficiently operate the River Murray system for partner governments
  • Goal 4—Improve transparency and confidence in the Basin Plan
  • Goal 5—Apply the best available science and knowledge to the management of the Murray–Darling Basin

The strategic goals are supported by nine KPIs.