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3.18 Indemnification of officers

No indemnities have been given or insurance premiums paid during, or since the end of the financial year for any person who is or has been an officer of the Company.

The Company’s constitution includes indemnities in favour of persons who are or have been a director or officer of the Company. To the maximum extent permitted by law, the Company will indemnify every current and former director or officer against:

  • any liability incurred by the person in that capacity (except a liability for legal costs);
  • legal costs incurred by the person in connection with legal proceedings in which the person becomes involved in that capacity or in obtaining certain legal advice relevant to the performance of their functions and discharge of their duties as an officer of the Company.

In accordance with the Company’s constitution, the company has entered into a deed with each director of the Company (Director’s Deed) and each officer of the Company (Officer’s Deed).
These deeds formalise the arrangements between the Company and its directors and officers as to indemnities, insurance and access to Company records. Under each deed, the Company indemnifies the director or officer to the full extent permitted by law against all losses or liabilities incurred as a director or officer of the Company.