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MIC’s objectives for the Moorebank intermodal freight precinct are to:

  • facilitate the development of an intermodal freight terminal at Moorebank, including an IMEX terminal facility, an interstate freight terminal capable of catering for 1,800 metre trains and ancillary facilities, by optimising private sector investment and innovation in the development, construction and operation of the intermodal terminal;
  • facilitate the operation of a flexible and commercially viable common user facility, which shall be available on reasonably comparable terms to all rail operators and other terminal users;
  • ensure the intermodal terminal operates with the aim of improving national productivity through an efficient supply chain, increased freight capacity and better rail utilisation;
  • operate on commercially sound principles, having regard to the Australian Government’s long-term intention to sell its interest in the Company;
  • upon notification by the Commonwealth Shareholder, provide assistance as required to facilitate a sale of the Commonwealth’s interest in the Company; and
  • do all things necessary, convenient or incidental to carrying out or attaining of these objectives.

In achieving these objectives, MIC is to deliver a value for money solution to the Australian Government and act in an environmentally and socially responsible manner with due regard to the views of local communities. This means that the terminal development will consider the benefits that can be provided to the local community as well as minimise the adverse impacts on nearby residents and businesses.