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Work health and safety

MIC does not compromise on safety. MIC’s WHS Management Plan covers general work health and safety and rail safety through its assurance and due diligence procedures to review, monitor, audit and report on safety. MIC is therefore able to satisfy itself that Qube, its sub-contractors and its operator fulfil their workplace health and safety responsibilities. It has three roles in safety management:

  1. Oversight of work health and safety and rail safety during construction MIC has a due diligence and oversight role with respect to Qube’s construction activities. MIC relies on Qube’s processes, including reporting, for general work health and safety and rail safety as it relates to the terminal, warehouse and rail works.
  2. Oversight of work health and safety and rail safety during operations During the year, Qube’s terminal operator, Qube Logistics (Rail) was granted accreditation\ under the Rail Safety National Law as both a Rail Infrastructure Manager and a Rolling Stock Operator, with responsibilities for safe railway operation in Australia. The Rail Safety National Law applies to the intermodal terminal itself as well as its rail access.
  3. Direct responsibility for the work health and safety of MIC’s employees and workplace MIC operates in an office environment and on site at Moorebank. MIC’s staff are under the management of the relevant ‘principal contractor’ (Qube or one of its subcontractors) who are in control of the site. MIC’s safety policies and procedures reflect this. To comply with the responsibilities and requirements set out in the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 (NSW), MIC has implemented a risk management approach that includes processes to identify, assess and control risks to a level as low as reasonably practical. MIC’s Work Health and Safety Office Manual sets out the procedures and information necessary for managing MIC staff exposure to hazards and risk in their day-to-day activities. During the year, MIC completed a full audit of the site’s safety systems, which reported very positively on the systems in place.