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Community benefits package

MIC’s community program includes a $1 million package to localise the benefits associated with the terminal for people living nearby. The local benefits program is intended to promote some of the terminal’s positive impacts on the community. In 2014, MIC implemented a citizens’ jury to develop the following programs for funding:

  • a social enterprise operated in the local community, by the local community, for the local community, to provide jobs and career opportunities and an ongoing profit stream to be used for community initiatives;
  • a healthy living program, including exercise equipment in local parks and outdoor training sessions modelled on Liverpool City Council’s former ‘Live Well in Liverpool – Healthy Communities Initiative’; and
  • scholarships at a local TAFE for residents living near the terminal that will target local business needs.

In 2017-18, MIC established a steering committee made up of four representatives from the citizens’ jury, MIC, Qube and Liverpool City Council to further refine the recommendations.

In 2018-19, the MIC Board endorsed the implementation of the following steering committee recommendations:

  • a social enterprise initially targeting unemployed youth and ‘youth at risk’ and, once established, expanding to include to women, recent migrants and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community. The\ enterprise, which will enrol up to 200 students each year, will offer training focussed on long-term employment opportunities at the terminal.
  • a three-year healthy living program, including:outdoor fitness boot camps run in three parks near the terminal; fitness sessions on outdoor gym equipment; and healthy living workshops run by local health professionals, focussing on healthy eating and incorporating fitness into day-to-day life.
  • a training and scholarships program linked to future jobs at the terminal, providing funding to people living within a 5 kilometres radius of Moorebank Intermodal Company › Annual Report 2019 the terminal. The program, which is limited to one scholarship per household, will contribute to 50 per cent of the cost of entry level or vocational training, or 25 per cent of the cost of as diplomas or trade certificates.

During the year, MIC identified and entered into agreements to fund a social enterprise and healthy living program. Both programs began operating in the community during the year.

In 2019-20, MIC will work with these proponents to support the success of the social enterprise and healthy living program.