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Open access regime

When the Moorebank Logistics Park is operational, each terminal will be operated as an open access facility that encourages competition on a nondiscriminatory basis, facilitating third-party use and helping to boost national productivity.

During the year, MIC and Qube negotiated and agreed the initial IMEX Terminal Access Protocol and supporting documents that set out a sound open access regime with rules for reference and ancillary services, application processes, capacity allocation, pricing, cost allocation, complaints, disputes, and monitoring compliance.

To communicate and obtain feedback on the terms of access to the IMEX terminal from the market, MIC, Qube and the Australian Logistics Council held a joint industry consultation session in June 2019.

Following the industry consultation session, MIC invited stakeholders to comment on the proposed initial terminal access protocol and standard customer agreement for the IMEX terminal. MIC and Qube will consider industry feedback and finalise the initial terminal access protocol before the IMEX terminal begins operations.

This process will be repeated in 2020 in the lead up to the start of the interstate terminal operations. The open access documentation for the IMEX terminal will not be a precedent for the interstate terminal arrangements. Third-party interest in using the interstate terminal is expected to be much higher given its unique significant capacity and position in the Sydney market.