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Development scope and timeframe

The Moorebank precinct development and operations are governed by the Development and Operations Deed, including the open access regime and the capacity expansion regime. The Deed grants Qube rights to develop and operate the interstate terminal, IMEX terminal, associated precinct infrastructure and warehousing for 99 years, subject to certain conditions. The Deed includes specific obligations to prepare the site for development, including remediation, and to develop and operate the terminals, including the rail access between the terminals and the SSFL. Qube has appointed a terminal operator to the IMEX terminal, Qube (Rail) Logistics. MIC has provided its approval. Initial operations are expected to commence after November 2019. MIC has no contractual relationship with the terminal operator but will monitor and oversee its compliance with the terminal access protocol. Qube is responsible for the performance of the operator, including retendering of operator in the event of an operational termination.