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The year ahead

MIC has four areas of focus for the coming year:

Operational oversight

With the IMEX terminal and the precinct’s first warehouse operational, MIC will be responsible for overseeing and monitoring Qube’s compliance with the access protocol for the IMEX terminal to ensure access is genuinely open and non-discriminatory. An independent external auditor will undertake an annual audit and report on compliance annually, with a summary of conclusions and recommendations to be made available on the IMEX terminal operator’s website. MIC will receive the auditor’s report as part of its oversight and monitoring role. MIC’s monitoring strategy will include assessing the auditor’s report, investigating any formal written complaints received from customers or access seekers and resolution of disputes.

Delivery oversight – MIC will work with Qube to ensure the appropriate scope and delivery of MIC-funded

MIC will work with Qube to ensure the appropriate scope and delivery of MIC-funded works and oversee the Qube delivery program including:

  • completing all construction of all the IMEX terminal to commence operation in November 2019;
  • continuing construction of the full IMEX terminal footprint;
  • commencing maintenance and enhancement of the Moorebank Forest;
  • beginning land preparation for Stage 2 of the rail access works and warehousing; and
  • securing planning approval for the relocated Moorebank Avenue.

Contract oversight

MIC will support the achievement of development milestones by:

  • overseeing completion of the contract for rail access to the IMEX terminal;
  • approve the scope and letting of the major contract (Land Preparation Works Stage 2) to finalise preparation of the former School of Military Engineering Site ready to construct the interstate terminal and associated warehousing; and
  • approve the letting of the rail access contract for the interstate terminal.

Warehouse development

MIC will work with Qube to develop the warehousing precinct by:

  • promoting the public profile of the Moorebank development and modal shift to rail with Qube through a communications strategy;
  • approving proposed tenants of warehousing facilities;
  • ensuring all approvals are in place prior to warehouse construction commencing and, upon completion, confirming that all compliance requirements and approvals are satisfied prior to leases being granted; and
  • supporting Qube subdivision of the warehouse land and facilitating relevant landowner approvals for the easements required to support services as the development progresses.