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Working with Qube

The key focus for the MIC and Qube team partnership is to physically complete Moorebank Logistics Park to enable operations to commence.

MIC and Qube are working to ensure a successful strategic partnership in delivering and operating of the Moorebank Logistics Park. This partnership is essential to ensuring both the success of the terminals and ongoing oversight over the open access regime are implemented for operational commencement.

MIC and Qube have not had the most effective working relationship through the initial development of Moorebank Logistics Park. The CEO’s and Board Chairs of both Qube and MIC have continued to meet regularly to foster a more effective working relationship.

MIC continues to carefully manage and seek to promptly resolve its current contractual disputes with Qube, while seeking to ensure that MIC funds are only deployed on the capital works contractually committed to in order to protect the Commonwealth’s investment in the Moorebank development.