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Completing Rail Access Works Stage 1

IMEX Terminal Rail Access Works are being delivered in two stages. Stage 1 is a 2.5 kilometre rail line connecting the SSFL to the IMEX terminal. This will allow freight trains to run on a freight dedicated line between Port Botany and Moorebank. Stage 2, which is scheduled for 2020-23, will connect the interstate terminal to the SSFL (partly via Stage 1).

During the year, Stage 1 was delayed from its planned completion date of January 2019, in part due to the access and design issues associated with the complexity of constructing a rail line adjacent to and above a waste facility.

Completed works during the year included: the rail access link spanning the Georges River; the rail underpass of Moorebank Avenue; culverts across Anzac Creek; reinforced earth walls; and signal commissioning. By 30 June 2019, the rail works were largely completed to allow trains to commence commissioning phase, with operations due to commence in November 2019.