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Technology and data

IP Australia is the custodian of a rich source of data that we proudly promote to support Australian Government decision making. Our data, analytics and economic research provide insights into global growth, investment in critical technologies, trends and organisational behaviours in focus areas that support Australia’s job creation and economic growth.

During 2020–21, IP Australia successfully progressed key strategic initiatives while managing the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

We continued our collaboration with global IP offices to share learnings, information and research regarding economic and filing activity trends. Internationally, we also continued our involvement in developing standards for IP rights data and the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and automation to improve IP rights systems. We co-lead the World Intellectual Property Organization Blockchain Task Force in drafting a standard on use of blockchain technology in the IP ecosystem.

Data and analytics remained a core focus for IP Australia. We established our IP Data Platform based on leading cloud technologies, bringing together key data for analysis and insights for evidence-based decision making. This platform is also being used by our data scientists to develop new analytics and research approaches.

We developed a new Cognitive Futures Strategy and Roadmap to guide our AI development and investment over the next 3 years. We continued to enhance our intelligent systems, introducing new smart tools and machine learning algorithms to better support our staff and customers.

Increasing our ICT security maturity to protect our critical technology and data assets remained a high priority through investment in the Security Uplift Program. Our core technology teams sustain this multi-year ICT security program, which involves multiple projects. We remain committed to ICT security best practice and are well positioned to govern and protect these assets while proactively detecting and responding to evolving cyber threats.

The Patents Modernisation Initiative substantially progressed the development of a new patent management system, demonstrating our customer-centric approach. Once completed, the enhanced digital platforms will deliver functionality to classify patent applications, export classification data for inclusion in international databases and to help develop new examination and quality review functions. It is now easier for our examiners to review patents and assure high-quality, dependable outcomes.