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Improving the customer experience and building IP awareness

We published our new Customer Service Charter with a simplified set of commitments that place the needs of our customers at the centre of IP rights administration. The charter provides customers with the opportunity to tell us how well we are performing and will inform the way we do business with them in the future.

IP Australia’s Transactional Digital Services (TDS) Program successfully reimagined the transactional experience for all IP Australia customers. Through customer-led delivery, the new platform has significantly reduced red tape and made accessing the IP system simpler. More than 6,000 customers provided direct, real-time feedback about the new online services experience, rating their satisfaction with the new experience at 4.5 out of 5.0 on average. We have cemented IP Australia at the forefront of digital government services with the successful delivery of our new application programming interface–based business-to-business and online services assets.

Smart Trade Mark is an emerging product that IP Australia is developing to help our customers better leverage their trade marks in the digital economy. Connecting products and services directly to the government register, Smart Trade Mark aims to improve the visibility of authentic Australian brands and help fight against counterfeiting. Through a strategic partnership with the National Rugby League, IP Australia has tested the Smart Trade Mark Trust Badge to boost consumer trust in eCommerce platforms. We have also recently completed a partner project with the Indigenous Land and Sea Corporation to deliver a traceability system that tests the supply security of the Kakadu plum (an indigenous harvested bush food). IP Australia is currently considering options for Smart Trade Mark as a future service offering.

We have continued to improve our services for small businesses ahead of the phase-out of the innovation patent on 26 August 2021. Our new Patent Case Manager service provides personal contacts for Australian small and medium enterprises (SMEs) navigating the patent application process. An SME portal was created to consolidate information and resources to help Australian businesses navigate the IP system. To improve patent education, we continue to leverage multiplier networks. We also offer the SME Fast Track service to expedite the examination of SME patents applications. We have trialled and evaluated these initiatives and will incorporate them into our ongoing offering for Australian SMEs.

We have expanded outreach and engagement through public education activities concentrating on 3 key sectors – universities, government and peak industry bodies – with a focus on reaching SMEs and startups.

We have worked to improve and simplify the experience for those deciding whether to register a design, making information clearer and easier to find. This includes providing website content to make it easier to access essential information about how to manage and protect designs, a new online filing system for design applications, and a rewrite and restructure of the designs examination manual.

We started work on a website redevelopment and modernisation project as part of the Customer Value Program. We worked closely with customers and stakeholders to understand their behaviour during their visit to the IP Australia website and developed a new structure and design to improve the educational aspect of their journey as they move through to our application portal.