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Information Publication Scheme

An Australian Government agency subject to the Freedom of Information Act 1982 (FOI Act) must publish a range of information on its website as part of its Information Publication Scheme (IPS). This includes the agency’s structure, functions, appointments, annual reports and consultation arrangements, and contact details for the agency’s FOI officer. Information routinely released through FOI requests and routinely provided to parliament must also be published online.

Where possible, IP Australia publishes information that has been released in response to an FOI request in our FOI disclosure log; however, an agency is not required to publish personal or business affairs information. Most FOI requests received by IP Australia are for documents containing business affairs information as submitted by trade mark applicants and are not routinely published in our FOI disclosure log.

The IPS also requires an agency to publish its information publication plan explaining what information it proposes to publish, how it intends to publish the information, and what else it intends to do to comply with the IPS. The IP Australia information publication plan is published on our website and is reviewed every 2 years.