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Audit Committee

IP Australia’s Audit Committee was established by the Director General in accordance with Section 17 of the PGPA Rule. The functions of the committee are set out in the Audit Committee Charter.

IP Australia’s Audit Committee comprises 3 independent members and one IP Australia member. Members were selected based on their expertise and ability to discharge the functions of the committee in line with the charter.

Table 6: During 2020–21, the Committee met in September and December 2020 and March and June 2021.

Qualifications, knowledge, skills or experience (include formal and informal as relevant)

Number of meetings attended / total number of meetings

Total annual remuneration (GST inc.)

Ms O’Donnell has more than 40 years of experience in the finance sector and is an experienced executive and non-executive director in the listed, not-for-profit and mutual sectors. Ms O’Donnell holds a Masters of Business Administration, a Bachelor of Arts in Banking and Finance and is a Senior Fellow of FINSIA and a Fellow of AICD.



Ms Morison FCA, B.Ec (Sydney University) has 38 years of broad experience in the accounting profession, commerce and government. Ms Morison founded Morison Consulting Pty Limited in 1996 and brings a wealth of experience, having held roles as an independent member and Chair of Commonwealth audit and risk committees and financial statement sub-committees for large and small government entities for the last 17 years.



Dr Bryant is a Senior ACS Certified Professional (PCP) and AIPM Certified Practising Project Director (CPPD) and specialises in IT governance and projects. Dr Bryant also holds roles as an independent member of other Commonwealth department audit and investment committees.



Ms Kairouz is the General Manager of IP Australia’s Patents Chemical, Plant Breeder’s Rights and Electrical Group and provides technical specialist knowledge of IP Australia’s operations.



* The figures above include GST. Independent members are engaged as contractors in accordance with the Commonwealth Procurement Rules. IP Australia members are employees and do not receive remuneration for participating as a member of the Audit Committee.

The Audit Committee’s charter can be found on IP Australia’s website.