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IP Australia made significant progress in 2020–21 to become an agency that is truly customer-centric. We delivered key projects and programs and further improved the tools we will use to measure our performance against their expectations.

In 2020–21, IP Australia met all customer satisfaction metrics by putting customers at the centre of everything we do, including service delivery and customer-centric system design. We also met our target for the proportion of people accessing our public education, awareness and information products, who gain an improved understanding of how IP rights can benefit their business.

We have focused on modernising our ICT platforms to better meet the needs of our customers in 2020–21. This included replacing our legacy business-to-business platform with a modern and efficient customer-centric digital experience, and introducing application programming interfaces (APIs) that cover 96% of IP rights transaction types. This provides a more streamlined experience for customers using our search and examination services. We also used APIs that enable our customers and stakeholders to access our IP rights search systems.

Our key achievements under this program in 2020–21 included:

  • expanding outreach and engagement through public education activities concentrating on 3 key sectors – universities, government and peak industry bodies – with a focus on reaching small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and startups
  • increased engagement with universities developing and delivering IP education sessions, engaging subject matter experts to deliver customised material; for example, the RMIT Activator ‘Trade Routes’ program
  • engaging with the AusIndustry network, leveraging its relationships with business, particularly through the Entrepreneurs’ Programme
  • establishing relationships with CSIRO, identifying opportunities to deliver to their program participants, from secondary schools to startups
  • developing an on-demand webinar program, informed by customer feedback
  • releasing a set of video case studies showcasing a range of Australian design businesses and their IP journeys
  • improving our customer-facing digital services to make it easier to transact with us, and increasing access to our IP rights search systems.