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Table of contents

Letter of Transmittal

Director General's Review


Our role and functions

Our Executive

Our Structure

Outcome and program structure

Report on performance

Annual performance statements


Performance Framework

Program 1: IP rights administration and professional registration

Program 2: Education and awareness

Program 3: Advice to Government and international engagement

Financial performance

Management and Accountability

Corporate governance

IP Australia Audit Committee

Fraud control

Compliance with finance law

External scrutiny

Information Publication Scheme

Management of human resources

Executive remuneration

Work health and safety

Disability reporting mechanisms



Grant programs

Advertising and market research

Ecologically sustainable development and environmental performance

Financial Statements

Primary financial statements

Table of contents - Notes

Statement of comprehensive Income

Statement of financial position

Statement of change in equity

Cash flow statement

IP Australia overview

Note 1: budget variance commentary

Notes to and forming part of the financial statements


Appendix 1: Appeals of decisions

Appendix 2: Financial summary

Appendix 3: Workforce statistics

Appendix 4: Executive remuneration detail

Glossary and index

Abbreviations and acronyms

Alphabetical index for print version of Annual Report

List of requirements

Contact officer details