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Corporate governance

IP Australia’s key governing body is the Executive Board. The Executive Board supports the Director General in delivering the strategic and operational outcomes of IP Australia. It considers all issues that affect our strategic direction, corporate governance, performance and reputation.

The Business Investment Committee develops and oversees investment strategies that align directly with IP Australia’s Corporate Plan and Strategic Roadmap. The Committee includes two independent members.

In addition, as required under the PGPA Act, IP Australia’s Director General has established the Audit Committee to provide independent advice, support and assistance in meeting his duties and obligations as an accountable authority.

IP Australia’s governance practices comply with all statutory requirements and are reviewed annually to ensure they remain relevant and effective.

We have a comprehensive risk management framework, which enables us to effectively manage risks in accordance with our risk appetite. We monitor and report on risks via a series of risk registers across IP Australia. The Executive Board and Audit Committee regularly review the risk management framework, including the risk registers.