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During 2019–20, IP Australia entered into eight new consultancy contracts with total expenditure of $280 000 (GST inclusive). Eight ongoing consultancy contracts were active during the period with total expenditure of $2.2 million (GST inclusive).

IP Australia’s policy on selecting and engaging consultants and approving expenditure takes into account all relevant legislation, the Commonwealth Procurement Rules and our own Accountable Authority Instructions. The procurement method is determined having regard to the cost, value for money and nature of the work involved.

Information on the value of contracts and the consultancies is available on the AusTender website: www.tenders.gov.au.

The Director General did not exempt any contract let during 2019–20 from publication on AusTender on the basis that it would disclose exempt matters under the Freedom of Information Act 1982.

All contracts valued at $100 000 or more (GST inclusive) let during 2019–20 allowed for the Auditor General to have access to the contractor’s premises.