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Disability reporting mechanisms

Disability reporting is included in the Australian Public Service Commission’s annual State of the Service Report and the APS Statistical Bulletin. These reports are available on the Australian Public Service Commission’s website: www.apsc.gov.au.

IP Australia continued to implement the actions detailed in our Accessibility Action Plan 2016– 2019 to support our vision of being a disability-confident employer.

In line with As One: Making it Happen, the APS Disability Employment Strategy 2016–19, we also launched our new Diversity and Inclusion Strategy (2019–22) and took affirmative steps to recruit people with a disability in 2019–20, advertising and filling three positions.

We continued our silver membership of the Australian Network on Disability and have partnered with JobAccess to work on recruitment strategies in 2020–21. IP Australia participated in the Positive Action towards Career Engagement program and committed to this program in 2020–21.