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Executive remuneration

Key management personnel (KMPs) are those persons having authority and responsibility for planning, directing and controlling the activities of the entity, directly or indirectly, including any director (whether executive or otherwise) of that entity. IP Australia has determined the key management personnel to be the Director General (SES Band 3) and the Deputy Director Generals (SES Band 2). For 2019-20, remuneration for KMPs in IP Australia was determined by the Secretary of the Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources or his delegate in accordance with the conditions set out in their common law contract.

During the reporting period ended 30 June 2020, IP Australia had four executives who met the definition of key management personnel, as shown in Table 13.

Table 13: IP Australia—Key management personnel, 2019-20




Michael Schwager

Director General

Full year

Frances Roden

Deputy Director General

Full year

Joanna Moore

Acting Deputy Director General

1 July 2019 — 12 March 2020

Margaret Tregurtha

Deputy Director General

24 February 2020— Present

Table 14 details the total remuneration paid to key management personnel, as shown in the notes to the financial statements for 2019–20. Further detail on executive remuneration and other highly paid staff is in Appendix 4.

Table 14: Total remuneration paid to key management personnel, 2019-20

Key Management Personnel Remuneration


Short-term benefits:

Base Salary




Other benefits and allowances


Total short-term benefits




Total post-employment benefits


Other long-term benefits:

Long service leave


Total other long-term benefits


Termination benefits


Total key management personnel remuneration