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Management of human resources

IP Australia attracts talent from both the corporate and public sectors. Our employees have a passion for creating a world-leading IP system and are focused on driving growth and prosperity in the Australian economy.

IP Australia’s public service ethos is strong, and our Executive team, managers and staff members are committed to the APS Values and Code of Conduct.

IP Australia’s human resources (HR) management function is critical in delivering our People Strategy goals. We continue to focus on developing and leveraging the capability of our people, systems, processes and culture, ensuring that Australians benefit from great ideas.

We frame IP Australia’s People Strategy and HR programs to build organisational capability and capacity in five areas:

  • strategic leadership—investing in our agency, and our vision and values
  • employee engagement—investing in our people
  • organisational capability—investing in our future
  • collaboration, innovation and inclusivity—investing in our culture
  • workforce intelligence—investing in our data and analytics capability.

Supporting and retaining our existing workforce and focusing on the future requirements of the organisation remain the key drivers for managing and motivating our people.

IP Australia delivered several key activities and outcomes for our People Strategy in 2019–20. We:

  • developed a Strategic Workforce Plan and People Strategy, which outlines actions to address workforce risks and leverage capabilities, which will ensure we have a workforce ready to meet our future operating requirements
  • embedded a tiered HR service delivery model to achieve more consistent service, including establishing better alignment between HR efforts and business needs, resolving HR enquiries at the first point of contact, and assisting senior leaders to access strategic HR services and advice
  • developed and embedded IP Australia’s employee value proposition to attract and retain the best people to meet the organisation’s current and future needs
  • invested in the development and virtual delivery of our Manager Essentials Effectiveness Toolkit and the Leadership Exploration and Development program
  • embedded a Capability Framework and introduced +1 Technical Capabilities, to provide clear and consistent expectations for all employees of their development for the future
  • developed and implemented a structured approach to succession planning and identified all strategic critical roles
  • launched a Diversity and Inclusion Strategy, supporting our commitment to valuing diversity and ensuring an inclusive culture where all employees feel respected, valued and included
  • established a Peer-2-Peer Network of trained staff members who can provide support to their peers facing mental health–related issues
  • used a broader spectrum of employee data to provide more holistic insights into the employee life cycle for IP Australia’s business areas.

IP Australia’s workforce information is provided in Appendix 3.