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The actions/functions performed by agencies to deliver government policies.


An amount of public money that Parliament authorises for spending (that is, funds to be withdrawn from the Consolidated Revenue Fund). Parliament makes laws for appropriating money under the Annual Appropriation Acts and under Special Appropriations, with spending restricted to the purposes specified in the Appropriation Acts.

APS employee

A person engaged under section 22, or a person who is engaged as an APS employee under section 72, of the Public Service Act 1999.

Consolidated Revenue Fund

The principal operating fund from which money is drawn to pay for the activities of the Government. Section 81 of the Australian Constitution provides that all revenue raised or monies received by the Executive Government forms one consolidated revenue fund from which appropriations are made for the purposes of the Australian Government.

Corporate governance

The process by which agencies are directed and controlled. It is generally understood to encompass authority, accountability, stewardship, leadership, direction and control.

The PGPA Act establishes a coherent system of governance and accountability for public resources, with an emphasis on planning, performance and reporting. It is the primary piece of Commonwealth resource management legislation. The PGPA Act applies to all Commonwealth entities and Commonwealth companies.

Corporate plan

The primary planning document of a Commonwealth entity that sets out the objectives and strategies the entity intends to pursue in achieving its purposes over at least four reporting periods.

Financial results

The results shown in the financial statements of an entity.


An arrangement for the provision of financial assistance by the Commonwealth or on behalf of the Commonwealth, and covered by the Commonwealth Grants Rules and Guidelines.

IGTO website

The IGTO website can be found at: www.igt.gov.au.


Takes into account the planned outcome and the relative significance of the resources consumed in contributing to the achievement of that outcome.

Non-ongoing APS employee

A person engaged as an APS employee under subsection 22(2)(b) or 22(2)(c) of the Public Service Act 1999.

Ongoing APS employee

A person engaged as an ongoing APS employee under subsection 22(2)(a) of the Public Service Act 1999.


The functions, services and processes performed in pursuing the objectives or discharging the functions of the office.


The results, impacts or consequence of actions by the Commonwealth on the Australian community.

Portfolio Budget Statements

The Budget related papers detailing budget initiatives and explanations of appropriations specified by outcome and program by each agency within a portfolio.


An activity or groups of activities that deliver benefits, services or transfer payments to individuals, industry/business or the community as a whole and are the primary vehicles for government agencies to achieve the intended results of their outcome statements.

Responsible Minister

The minister who is responsible for matters described under the Administrative Arrangements Order (AAO). Each Commonwealth entity and company has a responsible minister, which one depends on the matters that the entity or company deals with, or otherwise prescribed by the rules.