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2019-20 Corporate Plan Purpose

IPFA supports the Australian Government in making commercially astute decisions on nationally significant infrastructure projects and programs.

As the Australian Government’s independent infrastructure and project financing executive agency, our purpose is to:

  • Provide independent commercial and financial advice to support the delivery of Australian Government infrastructure projects and programs
  • Build the Australian Government’s capability to deliver its infrastructure priorities
  • Strengthen confidence in the Australian Government’s investment through better-informed decisions, and improved governance and investment management arrangements

We achieve our purpose through our vision and strategic goals and by working collaboratively with Australian Government stakeholders and agencies, state and territory counterparts, and industry partners.

IPFA’s three core activities are:

  1. Providing valued and independent commercial and financial advisory services
  2. Delivering specialist infrastructure project governance and program management services
  3. Arranging high quality knowledge sharing forums and capability building activities

Our Vision

Enabling commercial excellence in Australian Government infrastructure investment for the benefit of all Australians.

Our Strategic Goals

  1. Be sought after for our people and influential advice
  2. Support commercial excellence in the Australian Government’s investment in and delivery of priority projects and infrastructure programs
  3. Be a great place for people to work and develop
  4. Have best practice corporate and governance arrangements

By measuring success against these goals, IPFA demonstrates the achievement of its purpose, vision and fulfillment of our role.

Portfolio Budget Statement Outcome

We work to a single program outcome, as described in the 2019-20 Portfolio Budget Statements1

"To leverage additional private sector investment in infrastructure and secure better returns from the Commonwealth’s investment by assisting the Government identify, assess, and broker financing opportunities for infrastructure and projects, including through engagement with Commonwealth entities, State and Territory governments and the private sector.”


  1. IPFA’s Portfolio Budget Statement for 2020-21 is outlined in the Treasury Portfolio Budget Statements. In 2019-20 IPFA’s outcome was recorded in the Infrastructure, Regional Development and Cities Portfolio Budget Statements.