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Our Role

IPFA supports the Australian Government in making commercially astute decisions on nationally significant infrastructure projects and programs through the provision of independent, whole-of-government commercial and financial advisory services.

Our project and commercial advisory teams provide a suite of services that cover the full spectrum of infrastructure across the economy and all phases of a project or program’s lifecycle, from business case development through procurement and delivery.

We support our Australian Government clients in identifying and implementing Commonwealth funding and financing opportunities, and undertaking project and program management related activities, such as due diligence reviews, market sounding processes, project governance facilitation, project reviews and monitoring, complex commercial negotiations and financial and commercial risk analysis.

In particular, we work with our Australian Government clients to seek opportunities for private sector investment, government funds, public finance or returnable grants utilising our strategic investor principles:

  • for “others” to fund projects where possible and therefore eliminate or minimise the need for Commonwealth funding
  • to bridge market failure and/or risks through public finance or returnable capital, allowing whole or partial recovery of Commonwealth’s funding in the future
  • to use conditional grants to ensure outcomes are delivered, even though a capital return may not be possible; or
  • for a combination of the above.