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IPFA Performance Summary

2018-19 Corporate Plan measures

1. Our partners seek our commercial and financial advice

The value of IPFA and our advice will be evident when we are viewed as the trusted adviser and first point of call, rather than a mandated partner, and we are approached to be involved in decision‑making processes for nationally-significant infrastructure projects from day one.

Source: IPFA Corporate Plan 2018-22

We have seen strong engagement across the Australian Government for the services we provide to our client departments. The demand for our commercial and financial advisory services has grown significantly since IPFA’s establishment, reflecting the high quality of IPFA’s client focussed approach and service offering.

Initially our key clients were the Australian Government’s central agencies and key divisions in the Infrastructure, Transport, Cities and Regional Development portfolio. Our clients have now expanded to include the Departments of the Environment and Energy; Industry, Innovation and Science; Home Affairs and Foreign Affairs and Trade.

Into the future, we anticipate additional demand from client agencies seeking IPFA’s expertise and are currently pursuing discussions with the Departments of Communications and the Arts, Defence and Health.

In 2018-19, 93% of our work originated from unsolicited approaches from stakeholders and our Australian Government clients, which is a testament to the commitment of IPFA’s staff in nurturing and maintaining strong client relationships, but more importantly, delivering highly valued advisory services.


Our advice is proactively sought by government and agencies

2018-19 Target

30% of our work is sought proactively through unsolicited approaches from agencies and/or government


In its second year of operation, IPFA embedded its client service model, providing trusted advice to Commonwealth agencies on major infrastructure projects and programs.

The outcome is testament to the commitment shown by IPFA staff in nurturing and maintaining client relationships.

2. Our involvement improves outcomes for and our advice is valued by all stakeholders

A successful engagement on a project will be evident if it can be seen that our advice was adopted and/or it is acknowledged that we played a significant role in supporting decision-making on delivery of the project.

Source: IPFA Corporate Plan 2018-22

In our two years since establishment, IPFA has provided advice on over $55.7 billion worth of Australian Government infrastructure investments, covering some of the largest infrastructure undertakings in Australia, including Inland Rail, the Western Sydney City Deal, Snowy 2.0 and the Underwriting New Generation Investments program.

Driven largely by demand from our clients, our activities have expanded to support our clients in a number of areas, including representation on project governance committees, leading negotiations with project sponsors and assisting with financial asset administration and analysis.

IPFA has received overwhelmingly positive feedback for its services which is testament to the high quality of our advice and our role in supporting Australian Government infrastructure projects and programs.


Stakeholders are satisfied with our advice and involvement

2018-19 Target

75% of our stakeholders are satisfied that we are improving outcomes and provide valued advice


Achieved - 89%

IPFA received feedback from its stakeholders through a combination of three general client surveys as well as specific surveys following delivery of major pieces of advice. IPFA also received a number of pieces of unsolicited feedback from its stakeholders.

The result of 89% is a significant improvement on last year’s result (72%), and reflects the embedding of IPFA’s client service model

3. Our contribution increases confidence in the Australian Government’s infrastructure investment decisions and processes

A key area of success will be where external stakeholders acknowledge the value of having a more sophisticated Australian Government investor in infrastructure and how we have contributed to a greater level of confidence of stakeholders in the government’s decisions and processes.

Source: IPFA Corporate Plan 2018-22

We surveyed our Australian Government clients to better understand the key attributes that they value in commercial and financial advisers. In addition to high quality advice, the timely provision of our advice and services were critical to enabling our clients to support implementation of the Australian Government’s infrastructure investment decisions and processes.

Our services are delivered in a dynamic environment where timeframes for delivery can change depending on a range of external factors. Our significant improvement in the timely delivery of our services reflects our ongoing commitment to provide high quality services to our clients.

We also acknowledge that a key area of success for the Commonwealth is where external stakeholders and industry participants acknowledge the value of having a more commercially astute Australian Government and how we have contributed to a greater degree of confidence in the Australian Government’s decisions and processes.

We maintain strong, collaborative relationships with other Commonwealth infrastructure bodies, as well as our counterparts in the states and territories, local governments and our partners in the infrastructure business, finance and advisory sector.


Delivery of agreed activities and positive stakeholder/market regard for our contribution

2018-19 Target

100% of committed activities completed within time frames


Not achieved - 92%

Our stakeholders have advised that timely delivery of advice is important to them, and our target of 100% reflects this.

The result of 92% highlights that IPFA’s work is set in an environment where the timeframe for delivery can change.

This year’s result of 92% reflects a significant improvement on last year’s result (64%).

2018-19 Target

75% of feedback from external parties regarding our contribution is positive


Achieved – 100%

In its second year of operation, IPFA’s increased profile led to significant external feedback being received. This included through the media, discussion forums and other stakeholders outside of the Australian Government.

4. Our work strengthens the commercial and financial capability of the Australian Government

A more sophisticated and expert public service can better support the Australian Government in its infrastructure investment decisions, reduce dependency on external advisers and improve the retention of critical commercial knowledge.

Source: IPFA Corporate Plan 2018-22

IPFA is strengthening commercial and financial capabilities across the Commonwealth, better equipping it to deliver better value for money for taxpayers, by delivering a program of knowledge sharing events and activities (“Practice”), and by providing an active inbound and outbound secondment program with our client departments.

In 2018-19, we facilitated 11 “Practice” events, which focused on understanding aspects of infrastructure finance, governance and project delivery through the lens of practical implementation opportunities and challenges.

These events are well supported by expert speakers from the Commonwealth, state, territory and local governments, and private sector practitioners.

Our secondment program has also strengthened capability across the Commonwealth, with 3 inbound secondees joining IPFA from other Australian Government agencies, and 2 outbound secondments embedded into specific project teams in other Australian Government agencies.


Facilitation of quality knowledge sharing and development programs, events and forums

2018-19 Target

10 knowledge sharing activities


Achieved – 11 “Practice” activities held.

These events focused on understanding aspects of infrastructure finance, governance and project delivery through the lens of practical implementation opportunities and challenges. These events were supported by expert speakers from state, territory and local government and private sector practitioners.

2018-19 Target

75% satisfaction with quality of the activity


Achieved - 98%

Feedback on the Practice activities was extremely positive. Reflecting this, IPFA looks forward to building on these events in 2019-20.

As we strive for excellence and value accountability, IPFA’s 2019-20 – 2022-23 Corporate Plan, which was released on 29 August 2019, contains an additional two new strategic goals, which reflect our commitment to our people and best practice corporate health. These are

  • To be a great place for people to work and develop.
  • To have best practice corporate and governance arrangements.

Our performance against these additional goals will be measured in next year’s annual report.