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The ILSC engages consultants on the same basis as it procures all goods and services. In 2019–20 the ILSC continued to contract consultants to provide specialist professional services and where the ILSC required independent advice, review or evaluation. Consultants were selected by tender or direct sourcing.

The below table identifies spending on consultants across the ILSC Group, by financial year of expenditure. Expenditure comprises actual spend on consultant arrangements, irrespective of the year of commencement of the arrangement agreement and is thus not directly correlated to consultant reporting in previous ILSC Annual Reports. 

Table 23 ILSC Group spending on consultants (GST exclusive), last three financial years 

Financial Year

2019 -20

2018 -19


Expenditure ($ million)




During the year there were 177 new consultancy contracts totalling $4.6 million and 83 ongoing consultancy contracts totalling $2.3 million.