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ILSC Group at 30 June2020

ILSC Group at 30 June 2020 Indigenous Land and Sea Corporation Head office: Adelaide, SA

ABN 59 912 679 254

Voyages Indigenous Tourism Australia Pty Ltd

ABN 82 146 482 591

Head office: Sydney, NSW CEO: Grant Hunt

Anangu Communities foundation

ABN 63 494 833 077

Head Office: Sydney, NSW CEO: (Acting) Leo Bator, 8 May to 17 June 2020, (Acting) Tricia Stroud,

Commencing 18 June 2020

Primary Partners Pty Ltd (formerly Australian Indigenous Agribusiness Company Pty Ltd)

ABN 28 108 266 548

Head office: Adelaide, SA CEO: (Acting) Leo Bator, 8 May to 17 June 2020, (Acting) Tricia Stroud Commencing 18 June 2020

Yamanah Investments Pty Ltd

ABN 83 637 596 617

Head Office: Adelaide, SA CEO: Jason Collins

National Centre of Indigenous Excellence Ltd

ABN 98 133 644 578

Office: Redfern, NSW CEO: Clare McHugh

The ILSC’s wholly owned subsidiaries are established to provide benefits to Indigenous Australians, in areas such as employment, enterprise development and cultural and social wellbeing.

ILSC subsidiaries are governed by the ATSI Act (Part 4A) and by the Corporations Act 2001. Under the PGPA Act (Section 86) subsidiaries must perform the same functions as the ILSC; that is, the management of land and water interests owned by the ILSC Group or leased from Indigenous owners.

Information on subsidiary governance in 2019–20 is provided in Part Five of this report, and individual reports for each subsidiary can be found in this section.