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Picture of Robert Dann standing next to a tree in a Broome landscape.
Robert Dann, Bindam Mie

Founded by Nyul Nyul man Robert Dann, Bindam Mie is a company that transforms boab nuts into tea, oils, beer and a super powder.

As a child growing up in Broome, Robert collected boab nuts for his mum to cook.
“As kids we weren’t well off. There were days when we didn’t have any food. We would collect the boabs in the dry season and eat the flesh. We would also take it back home and mum would put it in hot water, add a bit of sugar and make a porridge,” he said.

Robert worked with IBA to expand his business and is a graduate of the IBA Accelerator program. He expanded his Kimberly Cultural Adventures Broome business to new ventures with Bindam Mie.

He’s also creating job opportunities for his community, employing local Aboriginal youth casually to pick and process the nuts. Robert plans to create more jobs as the business grows.
Growing up in the Kimberley region, the father-of-one never imagined that one day he’d be turning his knowledge of wild boab nuts into a business. Today, as he shows his Indigenous employees how to prepare the nuts at a commercial kitchen in Broome, he smiles at the unexpected course his life has taken.

“My mum would be very proud of me, I’m sure,” says Robert.

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