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Staff development is an ongoing process at IBA that includes traditional professional development and cultural capability—focused on the deeper contextual understanding required to respectfully engage with, and support, customers. IBA continued to support the leadership development and career growth of IBA 4–5 staff through implementation the Emerging Leaders Program (ELP) launched in 2018. The program combined workshops, mentoring and Individual development plans to support participants’ personal and professional development.

Delivered by One INMA Global, it provided a strong cultural element with participants learning about contemporary leadership theory and practices such as eldership, Aboriginal law, Bayami (the creator) and the Tjukupa (dreaming). COVID-19 delayed the program’s completion, but it will be evaluated over 2020–21 and its outcomes will assist the design of future leadership development initiatives.

IBA also reviewed its approach to recruitment and selection, adding flexibility so it can attract good candidates. As part of this initiative, more support was provided for recruiting managers and for new recruitment and selection training, including a focus on countering unconscious bias.

Technological developments have included transitioning Annual Performance Agreements and Development Plans from paper to online, and new essentials online training (compliance and cultural capability development). A new Learning Management System was also implemented to reduce administrative burdens on managers and staff.

IBA’s Board Chair and CEO travelled to multiple IBA locations across Australia for Staff Regional Forums aimed at embedding IBA values and discussing local level issues face-to-face.

IBA’s work with not-for-profit CareerTrackers continues. Five interns were placed this summer and two over winter, aimed at creating academic and employment pathways and support systems for young Indigenous adults. The Indigenous trainee program employed seven people at IBA this year. IBA encouraged professional development with nine staff taking part in the study assistance program.