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Photo of a man and a woman outside a house.
Dan and Alex outside their home.
Daniel and Alex admit they weren’t always ‘financially savvy’ but pursuing and achieving home ownership changed all that.

Prior to their home ownership plans, Daniel and Alex were working hard to get ahead in their careers, however doing the same for their finances was proving difficult. At the time they were renting and had become frustrated with paying off ‘someone else’s mortgage’. With the encouragement of family, they made a commitment to repair their financial situation in preparation for home ownership.

In 2013, with four years of savings, and their personal spending under control, Daniel and Alex began making enquiries into securing a housing loan.

When mainstream banks declined their application, the couple applied for an IBA split loan for customers who can obtain some of the loan funds for a home purchase from another lender.

Daniel and Alex moved into their new home in February 2015 and have now refinanced to a mainstream bank, and by doing so have helped make way for someone else applying for a home loan with IBA.

The couple said they would encourage other Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people considering home ownership to explore their options, do the necessary research and, if in doubt, ask for advice and assistance.

Daniel said, “There’s a lot of pride and self respect issues among our mob, worrying about, ‘Am I asking for a handout?’ But I know many Indigenous people do need that help and advice because there are cultural barriers in dealing with banks and asking for money. I hope Alex and I can inspire other people to give it a crack, not to give up, and to push to create the future they want."