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IPEA achieved all its performance targets, highlighting our strong focus on the delivery of high quality services to our clients. We provided the following:

Service provision

  • received 10,273 calls through its advice team and responded to 98.4 per cent within IPEA’s service level standards
  • processed 143,176 claims for travel expenses from parliamentarians and their staff, with 98.8 per cent processed within IPEA’s service level standards
  • continued to provide ongoing support and advice to parliamentarians and their staff and Travel Advice Certificates to parliamentarians and their staff upon request


  • delivered 180 customised reports and 71 regular reports to internal and external stakeholders
  • published 1,108 quarterly expenditure reports on IPEA’s website
  • distributed 2,821 monthly management reports to parliamentarians by the 15th of each month
  • enhanced IPEA’s self-service reporting capability for IPEA and Department of Finance stakeholders with an additional 19 reports made available for these stakeholders
  • increased transparency of reporting by publishing travel costs associated with special units of government


  • held 15 information sessions for 105 parliamentarians and their staff in eight capital cities across Australia, covering IPEA functions and the travel expenses framework
  • conducted 46 face-to-face meetings with parliamentarians and their staff, including 10 CEO meetings with parliamentarians


  • performed 600 post payment checks of travel related expenses for parliamentarians’ offices, completed 21 preliminary assessments and published audits of two parliamentarians’ expenses
  • issued one ruling under the Parliamentary Business Resources Act 2017 that certain travel expenses were not incurred for the dominant purpose of conducting parliamentary business
  • reviewed one allegation of misuse referred from the Department of Finance under the Protocol—Handling of potential misuse of non-travel related work expenses by the Department of Finance

Corporate activities

  • supported eight formal meetings of the Members of the Authority with additional work completed out of session
  • supported five formal meetings of the IPEA Audit and Risk Committee with additional work completed out of session
  • supported IPEA wide data literacy skills training to strengthen capability across the agency
  • reviewed and published a range of corporate documents including the Corporate Plan 2019–20 and the IPEA Annual Report 2018–19
  • maintained a robust governance framework, including the IPEA Risk Management and Policy Framework and Fraud Control Plan
  • received and processed 28 requests in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act 1982 (21 FOI applications, three internal reviews, and four external reviews by the Information Commissioner)
  • redeveloped IPEA’s Risk Management and Policy Framework and Fraud Control Plan
  • reviewed IPEA’s Business Continuity Plan, including development of a Pandemic Leave Policy, Recovery Strategy Plan and a Transition to the Workplace Plan, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.