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Results against performance targets

During the 2019–20 financial year, IPEA met all performance targets:

  • 10,273 calls to the IPEA advice team, with 99.2 per cent of those calls acknowledged within the agreed 24 hours and 98.4 per cent responded to within agreed service level standards
  • 143,176 transactions processed at a value of $42.4 million; 98.8 per cent of these payments were made within agreed service level standards
  • 100 per cent of parliamentarians’ expenditure reports compiled and published within agreed service level standards
  • 100 per cent of audits of individual parliamentarians’ expenses completed within agreed service level standards.

IPEA prepares and publishes regular reports on current and former parliamentarians’ work and travel expenses. During the year, IPEA published a total of 1,108 expenditure reports for the periods April 2019 through to March 2020.

As part of our commitment to increased transparency, IPEA commenced publishing additional expenditure report related information on www.data.gov.au from July 2019.

Audit and assurance activities are also integrated with IPEA’s day-to-day administrative processes, including certification of claims and post-payment checks.

Analysis of Performance

In 2020, IPEA reviewed a number of aspects of its performance including performance measurement, descriptors and reporting capability. Ensuring accurate and timely information is available is critical to measure performance and to mature as an organisation. IPEA met all of its performance criteria and achieved all stated outcomes. This quantitative evidence has been supported through qualitative client surveys which take into account client experiences and high levels of satisfaction with IPEA, particularly with the knowledge and professionalism of our staff and improvements in timeliness.

IPEA has achieved these results in what has been the most challenging year since inception in 2017. Through the bushfires that ravaged Australia and the COVID-19 pandemic, IPEA has delivered critical functions and services to support parliamentarians and their staff during 2019–20. From March 2020 the majority of IPEA staff commenced working remotely to ensure the health and well-being of all staff and to meet Government health advice. During this time travel by parliamentarians and their staff decreased, however other work, including enquiries remained steady. Drawing upon our investment in people and culture, IPEA continues to adapt and flexibly support staff while maintaining the high-level services expected.