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External scrutiny

During 2019–20, there were no external reports regarding IPEA by the Australian National Audit Office, the Commonwealth Ombudsman or the Australian Information Commissioner. IPEA was not subject to any reviews or judicial decisions.

Senate Finance and Public Administration Legislation Committee

IPEA appeared before the Senate Finance and Public Administration Legislation Committee in:

  • October 2019 for the 2019–20 Supplementary Budget Estimates
  • March 2020 for Additional Estimates.

At these hearings, IPEA provided evidence in relation to its operations. At the March 2020 hearing, the IPEA CEO gave an opening statement to the Committee. This statement provided the CEO’s reflections on IPEA’s role to assist parliamentarians and their staff when making travel related decisions, through educating, raising awareness and providing advice.

A copy of the statement is available on IPEA’s website at:

Information Publication Scheme

As a statutory authority, IPEA is subject to the Freedom of Information Act 1982 (FOI Act) and is required to comply with the Information Publication Scheme (IPS). As required by s 8(1) of the FOI Act, the IPEA information publication plan published on the IPEA website sets out how IPEA implements the IPS in respect of its own information holdings.

In compliance with the IPS, the IPEA website provides up-to date and complete access to all relevant IPEA publications, factsheets, legislation, published audits and rulings, parliamentarians’ expenditure reports and IPEA’s operational information, such as protocols, forms, service level standards and IPEA’s organisational structure. IPEA continues to assess what additional information would be appropriate to publish on its website.

IPEA also publishes all relevant documents released in response to FOI requests on the FOI Disclosure Log on its website. In 2019–2020, documents released in response to 12 FOI applications were published on the IPEA FOI Disclosure Log.


IPEA takes its obligations under the Privacy Act 1988 (Privacy Act) very seriously and provides regular training to IPEA staff. Since its inception, IPEA has had no eligible data breaches under the Privacy Act’s Notifiable Data Breach Scheme.