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Ministerial directions and government policy orders

On 29 January 2020, IHPA received a Ministerial direction from the Hon. Greg Hunt MP, under section 226(1) of the National Health Reform Act 2011.

The direction requires that IHPA study existing and projected costs for Nationally Funded Centres and recommend options regarding:

  • whether Nationally Funded Centres, individually and collectively, are more appropriately funded via activity based funding or block funding arrangements under the National Health Reform Agreement.
  • the development and operation of cost models and pricing models for the Nationally Funded Centres, covering both existing and potential future services delivered under the program.

In issuing this direction, the Minister consulted with the COAG Health Council.

In compliance with the direction, IHPA has undertaken the requested study with states and territories and prepared an interim report for consideration of the Australian Health Ministers Advisory Council.

IHPA will prepare a final report for consideration of the COAG Health Council by no later than 31 January 2021.