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2019–20 highlights

Some of the key achievements from IHPA’s Work Program for 2019–20 include:


  • Implementation of the Eleventh Edition of the International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems, Tenth Revision, Australian Modification (ICD-10-AM), Australian Classification of Health Interventions (ACHI) and the Australian Coding Standards (ACS)


  • Completion of a global horizon scan to identify alternative approaches to health care funding that could be applied in the Australian context


  • Pricing Framework for Australian Public Hospital Services 2020–21 published
  • The fundamental review of the national efficient price completed


  • National Hospital Cost Data Collection, Public Hospital Cost Report, Round 22 (financial year 2017–18) published


  • National Efficient Price and National Efficient Cost Determinations for 2020–‍21 published
  • Publication of shadow price weights for admitted mental health care using the Australian Mental Health Care Classification Version 1.0


  • National Hospital Cost Data Collection, Private Hospital Cost Report, Round 22 (financial year 2017–18) published


  • Consultation on IHPA’s draft Work Program 2020–21
  • Rules for coding and reporting COVID-19 episodes published


  • Three Year Data Plan 2020–21 to 2022–23 published
  • Finalisation of the Mental Health Phase of Care Clinical Refinement Project
  • IHPA’s Work Program 2020–‍21 published