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The functions attributed to Australian Hearing Services (trading as Hearing Australia) are at Part 2 Section 8 of the Australian Hearing Services Act 1991:

(a) to provide hearing services to voucher holders in accordance with an agreement entered into by the authority under Part 3 of the Hearing Services Administration Act 1997:

  1. to provide declared hearing services to young Australians
  2. to provide declared hearing services to referred Comcare clients
  3. to provide declared hearing services to referred Commonwealth employees
  4. to provide declared hearing services to designated persons.

(b) to carry out research and development (including co-operative research with other institutions) into:

  1. assessment of hearing
  2. hearing aids and procedures for fitting hearing aids
  3. hearing rehabilitation
  4. hearing loss prevention
  5. the effects of noise on the community.

(c) to enter into arrangements for research, design and development of hearing services

(d) to enter into arrangements for supply of hearing services

(e) to provide, as appropriate, for the training and education of persons or bodies (including overseas bodies) providing hearing services

(f) to provide advice on, and to conduct public education programs in relation to, hearing services provided by the authority

(g) to develop standards in relation to noise levels in the community that are acceptable in connection with the prevention of hearing loss

(h) to provide consultancy services relating to any of the matters referred to in this subsection

(i) to promote the establishment of export markets for Australian hearing services

(j) to operate special acoustic facilities for acoustic measurement and research

(k) such other functions as are conferred on the authority by this Act

(l) any functions incidental to any of the foregoing functions.