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Corporate and operational plans

The Authority undertakes planning at corporate and operational levels. In 2018–19, the Authority’s corporate and operational planning were influenced by commitments in the Reef 2050 Long-Term Sustainability Plan (Reef 2050 Plan), recommendations in the Great Barrier Reef Region Strategic Assessment: Strategic assessment report, initiatives with actions outlined in the Great Barrier Reef blueprint for resilience, and the findings of the Great Barrier Reef Outlook Report 2014. The corporate and operational planning process is shown in Figure 21.

Corporate and operational planning processA flow chart depicts the relationship between key elements (the Marine Park Act and other legislation, government priorities, the strategic assessment and program report, Great Barrier Reef blueprint for resilience and Outlook Report and the Authority's corporate and operational planning and processes

Corporate plan 2018-19

The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority Corporate Plan 2018–19 outlines the Authority’s purpose, activities, performance criteria and other information as required under the PGPA Act. It focuses on delivering outcomes required by legislation, especially the Marine Park Act, through the achievement of three goals:

  • protect and restore the Reef’s ecosystem health and biodiversity
  • safeguard the Reef’s heritage
  • ensure ecologically sustainable use and benefits for current and future generations.

To achieve these goals, the Authority delivers its management program under four main program areas:

  • Program area 1: Providing expert knowledge to influence and advise key decision makers on managing, reducing or avoiding significant threats to the Reef.
  • Program area 2: Regulating and ensuring Marine Park user compliance.
  • Program area 3: Educating and fostering stewardship to enhance protection of the Reef.
  • Program area 4: Enhancing reef resilience through continuous improvement and new initiatives across all aspects of management.

Annual operating plan

The corporate plan is supported by an annual operating plan. This plan sets out detailed actions to achieve the Authority’s goals.

Service charter 2017-2020

The Service Charter 2017–2020 outlines the Authority’s goals, aims and customers, and its commitments to its customers. The Authority aims to provide appropriate services to meet all of its commitments and continue to develop services as new issues arise. The Service Charter will be reviewed regularly in line with these changes.

The Service Charter is available on the Authority’s website.

Ethical standards

The Authority is committed to the Australian Public Service Values and Code of Conduct set out in the Public Service Act 1999, which is an integral part of the people management framework. It is incorporated in the Authority’s corporate plan and the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority Enterprise Agreement 2018–2021.

Information on ethical standards is provided to staff through the Authority’s intranet, induction procedures and the internal newsletter, CEO’s Update.