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Staff overview

The Executive Management Group consists of the Chief Executive Officer and four Senior Executive Service Band 1 general managers from the following branches:

  • Reef Strategy
  • Reef Protection
  • Reef Engagement
  • Corporate Services.

The number of employees in the Authority was 232 at 30 June 2019, an increase from 202.58 at 30 June 20181. Details on the workforce profile at 30 June 2019 are included in Appendix B. The staff figure for 30 June 2019 includes both ongoing and non-ongoing positions.

The Authority also employs casual staff on an as-required basis to work at Reef HQ Aquarium, which is the national education centre for the Reef. The aquarium operates seven days a week and more than 100 volunteers assist in the day-to-day education programs offered through the aquarium.


  1. The variation between 2017–18 and 2018–19 is attributed to a variation in the calculation method. In 2017–18 the figure reported was the average staffing level across the year (202.58), whereas for 2018–19 the figure provided is ‘headcount’ as at 30 June 2019. To provide for year-on-year comparison, the average staffing level for 2018–19 was 217.60.