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Objective 4—Reduce post-farmgate costs

GRDC will continue to support research and development (R&D) into understanding the variables that drive supply chain costs, to inform policy on these issues. In addition, we will consider transformational investments with the capacity to disrupt current freight dynamics, as well as developing extension packages that assist growers in minimising post-farmgate costs.

2019–20 investment summary













Key investments 2019–20

Examples of investments in 2019–20 that meet this objective include:

Bagging grain profits—technical assessment of the use of silo bags in the Western Australian supply chain

The objective was to determine if the quality of grain, particularly malting barley, was affected by short- to medium-term grain-bag storage. The data produced showed that barley stored in silo bags, particularly in the short term, had negligible decline in germination energy or malting quality. This investment demonstrated that growers could realise a reduction in post-farmgate costs through reduced freight costs and grain marketing peaks. The results of the research were presented to growers and advisers during GRDC Research updates in 2019. Results were also presented at the 2019 Barley Symposium in Perth.

Improving on-farm grain storage management practices through technical training

The Grain Storage Extension Project provides information and training on best-practice on-farm grain storage for growers through a stored grain information hub.

During 2019–20 new resources developed included a StoredGrain App for smart phones, a webinar that provided growers with straightforward, practical advice on what they can do to improve their storage and the development of a GRDC publication, the grain storage GrowNote.