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Notes to the financial statements - 7.1 Cooperative Research Centres (CRC)

7.1A: Cooperative Research Centres (CRC)

All CRC's have been classified as joint operations as their purpose is for the pursuit of collaborative scientific research where participants share in the scientific outcomes and outputs of the CRC.

GA’s total cash and in‐kind contribution (e.g. staff and use of assets) to CRC from its own resources was $7.837 million for the year (2018: $3.755 million). Contributions made are expensed as incurred and these are included in the Statement of Comprehensive Income.

No contingent liabilities were reported by the CRC’s in which GA is a participant.

GA is a participant in the following CRC's as at 30 June 2019:

Name of the CRC

Expected Termination Date1

Bushfire and Natural Hazards CRC




1. Expected termination date for GA participation.