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Work health and safety

Geoscience Australia is committed to a system-based approach to ensuring the health, safety and wellness of workers and visitors. This approach is championed by the Chief Executive Officer and embraced through all levels of the organisation.

During 2018–19, Geoscience Australia’s investment in employee health and wellbeing included:

  • expanding the work health and safety system, with new procedures, tools and guidance materials—including fieldwork planning procedures and the Work Health and Safety Strategy— to ensure clarity of the system and associated roles and responsibilities
  • implementing the corrective action plan from the external audit of the work health and safety system undertaken in March 2018, to improve on the 67 per cent compliance result in that audit—this included establishing new contractor management guidance and forms, safe operating procedures for high-risk equipment, and procedures to maximise safety in chemical management
  • providing access to free influenza vaccinations for all employees, resulting in 53 per cent of employees being vaccinated
  • delivering preventative men’s health screening checks to assist employees in early identification of chronic health conditions, including diabetes—the service was attended by 26 per cent of employees to whom it was offered, and additional checks are scheduled for September 2019
  • promoting the employee assistance program and the tools it provides.

During 2018–19, Geoscience Australia reported two notifiable incidents to Comcare, which required no further action. One was related to environmental factors and the other to an electric shock resulting in a Comcare investigation and the revision of contractor management arrangements to meet work health and safety obligations.