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Geoscience Australia is the nation’s trusted advisor on the geology and geography of Australia. We apply science and technology to the opportunities and challenges that face the nation.

Our purpose is to provide information and capabilities to support government, industry and the community to make decisions and improve economic, environmental and social outcomes for the nation.

To achieve our purpose, our work is delivered through six key strategic priorities:

  • Building Australia’s resource wealth—to maximise benefits from Australia’s minerals and energy resources, now and into the future
  • Ensuring Australia’s community safety—so that Australian communities are more resilient to natural hazards
  • Securing Australia’s water resources—to optimise and sustain the use of Australia’s groundwater resources
  • Managing Australia’s marine jurisdictions—to maximise benefits from the sustainable use of Australia’s marine environment
  • Providing fundamental geographic information—to understand the location and timing of processes, activities and changes across Australia to inform decision-making for both natural and built environments
  • Maintaining geoscience knowledge and capability—to maintain an enduring and accessible knowledge base and capability to enable evidence-based policy and decision-making by government, industry and the community.