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The legislation provides accountability arrangements for the organisation, including the tabling in Parliament of an annual report and audited financial statements. We also publish quarterly portfolio updates to provide details of the investment activity and performance of our funds. Other public updates are provided in the form of published speeches and comments to the media. We are required to keep the responsible Ministers informed of the operations of the organisation and provide data to the Department of Finance for the purpose of producing its financial statements and other reports.

The nominated Minister may also, by written notice, require us to prepare reports or provide information on specified matters relating to the performance of our functions and have these published.

Statements of Expectations and Statements of Intent have also been exchanged between the then Minister for Finance and Deregulation and our organisation. These documents further delineate the responsibilities and communication arrangements between the parties and are available on our website.

We routinely appear before public Estimates Hearings of the Senate Committee on Finance and Public Administration to provide the Committee with updates on our operations and the performance of the funds. In 2018-19 we appeared at hearings in October 2018, February 2019 and April 2019. These public hearings are based upon the Outcome and Output structure detailed in the Portfolio Budget Statements.