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During 2019–20, the FRDC did not undertake any marketing activities.

Priority area activities

PBS target 2019–20


Commence collection of voluntary marketing funds pending legislative changes.

An amount of

$250,000 to be collected.

Not achieved.

Coordinate the delivery of the Love Australian Prawns campaign pending legislative changes.

Campaign activities delivered in line with marketing plan.

Not achieved. Australian Council of Prawn Fisheries and Australian Prawn Farmers Association manage the Love Australian Prawns funds via voluntary contribution.

Establish full statutory marketing levy collection with industry sectors for sectors, where requested and pending levy being established.

One marketing levy established.

Not achieved. Two marketing levies voted upon. One successful but not progressed, the other voted down by industry, details follow.

Marketing levies development

As part of developing the appropriate systems and knowledge, the FRDC has continued to meet with the levies area of DAWE as part of assisting Australian Prawn Farmers Association (APFA) and the Abalone Council of Australia move to implement a marketing levy. These meetings established a clear picture of the processes, steps and timeframes required to put in place a statutory levy, if industry decides to go down this path.

Prawn farmers to pave path to market

The marketing levy development activity for Australian prawn farmers continued through the year with further consultation completed in early 2019. Following this consultation, a formal vote was undertaken.

Although a majority supported the proposal there remained some who did not. The APFA Management Committee discussed at length the issue noting that writing to the Minister requesting the levy without the support of all farms was not the preferred option. After careful consideration, the APFA decided not to progress a compulsory marketing levy for the Australian prawn farm industry.

Australian Wild Abalone™

The Abalone Council Australia continued discussions with fishers early in the year regarding establishing an abalone marketing levy through the early part of the year. The formal abalone consumer education and promotion ballot closed on 15 December 2019.

Following final metrics of the ballot being collated and verified by CorpVote. The outcome was clear that the compulsory marketing levy was not supported by the industry (either by numbers of individuals or by ownership). just under 70 per cent of quota holders participated, with a majority 76 per cent voting not to progress the levy.